Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

We provide advice and assistance in all legal aspects of mergers, takeovers, divisions, spin-offs, asset sales, enterprise sales, and changes of legal form of business entities. We are specialized also in all legal aspects of acquisitions and disposals of shares and assets. We have gained a wide-range expertise in the field of joint venture transactions as well.

How we can help

  • We perform full scope legal due diligence reviews of target companies/assets, for sellers or buyers alike, in domestic and international transactions
  • We advise on the appropriate structuring of an acquisition (e.g., asset deal vs. share deal, etc.) by taking into account all issues relevant to a transaction; we also advise on structuring joint ventures;
  • We also advise on the most suitable corporate restructuring scheme (merger, takeover, spin-off, division)
  • We draft acquisition and joint venture agreements and all necessary documents related to corporate restructuring
  • We advise on and handle all regulatory matters related to mergers, takeovers, spin-offs, divisions and acquisitions, such as securities and regulations of public companies, including mandatory tender offers and mandatory disclosure of information, or applicable licensing regimes in a specific industry
  • We assist and represent our clients in all procedures before the relevant Bulgarian authorities in relation to closing of a transaction, including concentration clearance and other competition-related issues
  • We advise on the appropriate shareholder and management/representation structure and draft management and shareholders agreements
  • We provide post deal advice and assistance in the period immediately after a major transaction.

Key mergers and acquisitions law practice areas

  • Legal due diligence, full-scope or limited
  • Data room management
  • Company law aspects of corporate restructuring and M&A transactions
  • Agreements relevant to structuring M&A deals, including letters of intent
  • Regulatory aspects of M&A deals involving public companies or specific industries, in particular takeover rules, disclosure standards, and rules on mergers of public companies
  • Competition law
  • Corporate governance rules and practices
  • Private equity and joint ventures.