Energy Law

Bulgaria is a key player on the regional energy markets, whether in terms of generation of electricity or transition of gas. We realize the multiple complexities in advising energy projects in a very dynamic jurisdiction, where deregulation is ongoing, pricing mechanism are changing, business and geopolitical interests are intricately intertwined, multiple stakeholders are involved. Therefore, we strive not only to be abreast of legal developments and practical interpretation or legal rules; we also aspire to be knowledgeable of the business aspects of energy investments. Our energy law team is constantly focusing on grasping the new developments in the sector locally, and of those on a EU-wide scale.

How we can help

  • We assist clients with advice on and handling licensing and authorization procedures in the energy sector, in particular electricity generation, trading, distribution, and gas distribution.
  • We assist energy clients with advice on the regulatory aspects of price formation in the markets in electricity and gas; we assist clients concerning strategic planning in terms of new regulations encouraging renewables, and those on deregulation of the local market, of the imports and exports of energy
  • We assist energy clients on other regulatory aspects such as consumer contracts in the energy sector, environmental issues, technical standards recognition, safety requirements, public procurement
  • We advise stakeholders on energy and financial legal aspects of project finance; we advise on, draft, negotiate, opine with legal opinions, or otherwise assist parties involved in energy projects, be they investors, joint-venture partners, operators, lenders, contractors, suppliers, energy purchasers or other stakeholders. We are accustomed to working in joint legal teams representing expertise in various jurisdictions
  • We advise clients on rules, regulations, practices and developments concerning the encouragement of investment in generation from renewable sources, in particular from wind, water, and solar energy, or biomass
  • We provide advice on energy efficiency regulations, including the use of EU structured funds for those purposes
  • We assist clients with drafting business contracts, such as for the supply and purchase of energy
  • We advise clients in the mining sector on concession laws and regulations
  • We represent clients in civil, commercial and administrative litigation derived from energy-related agreements or administrative proceedings.

Key energy practice areas

  • Energy law and regulation
  • Project finance
  • Mining law and concessions
  • Environmental law
  • Commercial contracts in the energy sector
  • Nuclear power laws and regulations
  • Laws and regulations on renewables
  • Structured funds
  • Litigation.